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NPA 55 grain 223 HELO Defense / Hunting Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) Round

“High – Expansion – Law Enforcement – Ordinance”

Adopted and Recommended by Law Enforcement

Terminal Ballistics

HELO Defense / Hunting 223 SBR Temporary Wound Cavity

HELO Defense / Hunting 223 SBR Temporary Wound Cavity

In response to the growing use of short barrel rifles, NPA has modified its 55 grain 223 HELO Defense / Hunting round by designing a solid copper projectile that will penetrate soft tissue to equivalent depths of the standard 223 HELO Defense / Hunting round but shot from a short barrel rifle. Utilizing proprietary design and engineering methods the NPA HELO Defense / Hunting SBR cartridge will penetrate to depths equal or greater than the standard HELO Defense 223. Whether you are using the product for self defense or for hunting applications having a shorter barrel with less velocity will no longer mean less penetration when using the NPA HELO Defense / Hunting 223 SBR cartridge

The NPA proprietary HELO family of products was originally designed for law enforcement application and specifically engineered to performance specifications requested by law enforcement. Unlike bonded jacketed bullets, the HELO is formed from a solid piece of high-grade virgin copper. After a proprietary cavity is formed, the copper bullet is subjected to a proprietary manufacturing process which allows the projectile to achieve maximum penetration and expansion while retaining 100% of its weight through certified ballistic gel. The HELO does not break apart like many other copper hollow point bullets seen on the market, giving it a significant advantage in strength and integrity.
HELO Defense/Hunting 55 grain .223 has shown to be an ideal cartridge for hunters of small to medium sized game. Our cartridge has been proven to be the most effective defense/duty round on the market for many reasons, a few of its features being:


  • Retains 100% weight retention through all FBI Protocol tests barriers at 50 yards
  • Black oxide coating reduces copper fouling and drag in a firearm’s barrel
  • Premium surefire clean burning/low flash powder
  • Premium primers crimped and waterproofed to mitigate misfires
  • 100% Lead free projectile
  • 100% bullet recovery rate from carcass without the risk of lead contamination in hunting applications


  • Monolithic Jacket-less solid copper hollow point allows for 100% weight retention
  • Barrier blind projectile for tactical / defense scenarios
  • Annealed to expand and will not break apart into small pieces
  • Deep penetration to hit vitals in defense scenarios
  •  Ensures a humane kill of a trophy animal in hunting scenarios
  • Proprietary interior skives that allow consistent expansion to over twice its original diameter
  • Holds a 1.25” 5 shot group from a 10” test barrel at 100 yards

FBI Bare Gel Test at 20 Yards